5: The Felted Gnome Knows, Susi Ryan’s Felted Fantasy

Susi Ryan
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Susi Ryan’s love of magic and fairy tales is reflected in her fantastical creatures and whimsical artworks. Using the technique of needle felting, where wool is painstakingly built up and embellished, Susi creates creatures, figures and even hats with a charming personality all their own.

From an impromptu purchase of a felting kit several years ago, Susi has developed her own style making sculpted wool items from gnomes, birds, and foxes, to witches, fairy hats, and animal masks.

You can find Susi’s felt creatures and wearable artworks on The Felted Gnome Knows website, Etsy shop, Facebook page, and follow her on Instagram for behind the scenes pictures of works in progress.

The Vermont Hand CraftersCraft Vermont fine art and craft show is held annually on the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Published by Sarah Scully

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