20: Wild Roots – Local ingredients, inspired flavors

Wild Roots
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Owner Josh Walker, and Chef Robert Mahoney share a mission to buy, preserve, and inspire with local, seasonal ingredients raised and gathered as close to their restaurant as possible. While the constraints of seasonal cooking may be seen by some as a limitation, for Robert they provide inspiration and a creative direction year-round. Wild Roots Restaurant is located on Route 14 in Royalton, Vermont, just off I-89 at Exit 3. You can keep up with their latest news on Instagram and Facebook.

The Wild Roots crew are participating in the Blended Burger Project, sponsored by the James Beard Foundation. If you’re local you can try the Wild Roots burger from 5:00 – 6:00 pm through July 31, or check the James Beard website to find a participating restaurant in your area.

Following the mission of Wild Roots, we encourage you to learn more about the Slow Food movement and supporting concepts of local food and farm-to-table dining, which combines the power of locally-sourced ingredients to improve taste, lower ecological impact, and support local communities.

Update: Robert and Wild Roots parted ways to pursue other projects in the summer of 2018. We have visited a few times since the transition and Chef Michael is fitting in just nicely. We still encourage people to support this local food oriented restaurant.

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