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London, Cambridge & Reading, England 2007

The Start of a Belated Honeymoon

When we got married we took a long weekend to go on—what we called at the time—our Honeymoon Lite. We had a lovely time in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, but we wanted to do more. We talked about going to Europe as soon as we could. Then Life got in the way. We bought our house in Silver Spring, and we realized just how much of a time-suck home ownership could be, especially when the home is 75-years-old and hasn’t been looked after for the last 10 or more. Then my father passed away and suddenly we had another house in need of cleaning and serious maintenance plus the need to sort the estate, etc. Shortly after that we decided to move to Vermont where we first settled in a small flat in Montpelier and then it was back to house hunting and job hunting, and … Well, you get the idea. In “Beautiful Boy” John Lennon sings “Life is just what happens to you, while your busy making other plans.”

This past summer Sarah reminded me that we had planned to take a real honeymoon. With our fifth anniversary coming up in October I wasn’t about to argue, and so we booked tickets to England and started planning our “Real Honeymoon.”

I won’t go into the boring details of the planning other than to say that with so many friends in the United Kingdom, it was difficult trying to coordinate schedules, especially considering our trip coincided with the Christmas holiday. We were disappointed we weren’t going to be able to see James and Ruth in Wales because of their holiday plans, but we ended up being able to schedule visits with nearly everyone else. Planning a MetaFilter meetup helped.
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