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Spicy Sweet Potato Mash – A New Tradition

Sweet potatoes are a favorite around here because of their flexibility. They can be served right from the oven with just a little butter, salt and pepper, and make a fine side dish.  They can be loaded with toppings like a jacket potato, and are also delicious as a pie. They can be served sweet and candied, savory, or hot and spicy.

What I’m getting at is that don’t expect to this to be the last sweet potato dish you’ll find on this site.

This dish was created on the fly as side for the Vermont Schnitzel meal, but may end up becoming a Thanksgiving staple, with a few tweaks.  The version here includes a few modifications based on our initial experiences.

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Schnitzel: Local Meats Make Smashing Meals

In mid-October of 2017 we visited Portsmouth, New Hampshire as part of our “Anniversaweek.” For our special dinner out, we booked a table at The Black Trumpet on the suggestion of a friend — and former resident of the city. She is also friends with the chef, and highly recommended the place, so we were excited. And we weren’t disappointed. Our dining experience was excellent, and they even brought us a slice of tiramisu with a candle on it.

This dish was inspired by one of the dishes we had that night. That dish was not a schnitzel because it wasn’t pounded to 1/4-inch thick; and Chef Evan served his with a delicious mushroom sauce.
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