DiploMEADic CHAImunity – Braggot

DiploMEADic CHAImunity gets its start and origin from a recipe by Rob Friesel, whose blog Rick has been following for over 15 years. The recipe was published along with his article in Brew Your Own magazine on the Braggot style. Having done a few meads this past winter we were very interested in this fusion of beer and honey.

Rob’s recipe is excellent, but as Rick entered it into the recipe application — and looked at what grains were on already on-hand — we decided to use some specialty grains and hops from the Strawberry Melonball recipe being sourced at the same time as this braggot. We added our own twist with a hint of lactose and organic chai tea bags at flame out as well to experiment. Like the milkshake beer, this batch is 3 gallons (11 liters).

Want the recipe? Read on.

DiploMEADic CHAImunity Recipe
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3-gallon batch


4.4 qts (1.1gal) mash
16.4 qts (4.1 gal) sparge

1lb Rye Malt
1.4lbs American 2-Row
3oz Honey Malt
3oz Midnight Wheat Malt
2.5lbs Local Honey (late addition)
4oz lactose (late addition)

Magnum (0.5 ounces) – 15 mins

Lalvin ICV D47

Other Ingredients
1/4 tsp Yeast nutrient
5 Chai Tea Bags (4 at flame out, 1 for priming)

OG: 1.046
FG: 1.007
ABV: ~5.2%


1. Mash the grains at 152ºF (67ºC) for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes recirculate for 15 minutes.
2. Sparge with 168ºF (76ºC) water and collect ~4 gallons of wort.
3. Boil for 60 minutes adding the hops and the yeast nutrient 15 mins before flame out.
4. Use the boil time to warm the container of honey, which will make it easier to add.
5. When the boil is complete, add 4 chai tea bags and remove from heat.
6. Chill the wort to 68ºF (20ºC) and add the honey and lactose, stirring well.
7. If you can, aerate the wort with oxygen and then pitch the yeast. If not, simply pitch.
8. When fermentation is complete, rack and bottle using priming sugar, honey or maple syrup along with one chai tea bag.
9. Store in a cool, dark space for at least 3 weeks.
10. Enjoy!

Published by Rick Scully

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