the view from here

We love to share our affection for Vermont and our little homestead. We also share the view. It’s better in person; however, there’s still a great deal to enjoy remotely. Check out the various images and time-lapse videos below and come back often. It changes by the minute.


Most recent image. Click image to launch refreshing version. You may need to allow popups from our site.

The image above is the most recent image uploaded. You can watch this update automatically every 30 seconds by clicking on the image.

The images you see above are then “stitched” together each day and turned into time-lapse films. One of which is the previous day in its entirety, and the other is of only the daylight hours.


The image at left is uploaded each morning at sunrise at our location.

high noon

The image at right is uploaded each day at high noon at our location.


The image at left is uploaded each day at sunset for our location..

Images from the above have been turned into short videos with music!


time-lapse videos

There are two time-lapse viewing options, and both are under 3-minutes long, so you don’t really have to choose. The daylight hours version runs from sunrise to sunset based on our location.

daylight hours


Rick has written details on the software and hardware that make this project function. To learn more visit his personal site.

Since 2008 we’ve been cooking, homebrewing, and producing specialty fiber products on our homestead. Long-time followers of the Slow Food movement, we’ve realized that a philosophy of using quality, local ingredients can be extended to other areas of daily life. About us.