Knitting Notes – February 2018

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If you’ve been watching the YouTube channel for a while, you know that I don’t have a regular segment for knitting projects (this is a craft blog, not a knitting show).

But, having recently finished Rick’s sweater, I wanted to share the final garment and update you on my next big project: a pullover that I’ve been looking forward to starting for a few months.

Rick’s sweater is based on the recipe in Barbara Walker’s book, Knitting from the Top Down, and I explain more about the pattern and color choices in the introductory video for that project.

Rick LOVES this sweater!

The final sweater looks good and best of all, it fits well and Rick is pleased with it!

My new knitting project is Owls by UK designer Kate Davies, a simple pullover with a decorative cable design around the upper yoke. (I just realized that it’s Kate’s first pattern!) Kate is a tremendous designer and fascinating person who writes on a wide range of topics. I highly recommend her books and her blog, which also features breathtaking photography by her husband, Tom Barr.

I chose this pattern to feature the subtly tonal yarn, Empire by Jill Draper Makes Stuff. If you’re not familiar with Jill, she’s so much more than just another indie dyer – she designs the yarn from scratch: from the sheep, to the mill, to the color palette.

Jill is a fiber nerd who understands how to use the qualities of different fibers to create yarns that will be strong and long-lasting, show stitch patterns, and most of all, be a pleasure to knit with. She sources all US wool (much of it from her home state of New York) and works only with US-based mills. If you haven’t experienced her yarns I can heartily recommend you get some.┬áHere’s a great interview with Jill Draper from Kristy Glass Knits.

You can get a swatch gauge like the one I show in the video from Akerworks.

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