Lace sweater: technical challenge and project victory

Screenshot of Sarah from video
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Once upon a time, I came across Veronik Avery‘s pattern for an origami-inspired lace sweater. It’s a timeless garment with a classic texture and a modern style. After discovering I had a good yarn to use in my stash (USA – made Quince & Co.), I cast on with glee and knit away with fury. In this video I discuss the knitting journey that I’ve been on with this project, through setbacks towards a finished product.

We don’t always practice our craft because it’s easy and relaxing. Sometimes a challenge is called for, to push us to improve our skills, to challenge and engage our minds, and to give us a sense of satisfaction at a difficult task done well. I encourage you to challenge yourself in your own craft. The rewards are certainly worth it.

Sweater sleevesSweater bodySarah models the finished product