Maple Sugaring: A time-honored tradition celebrated with friends

Two people drink maple syrup
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Maple syrup is a big deal in Vermont, and for a small state we have a big share of production too: 42% of US-made maple syrup annually, accounting for more than $300 million in direct income.

But how is maple syrup made, and what is it like to have your own small-scale operation at home?

Join Sarah and our neighbor Izzy for a behind the scenes tour of a local sugar shack, and a tasting of several local syrups.

And if you’re interested in planning a trip during maple sugaring season, Vermont Maple Open House is typically the fourth weekend in March.

Learn more:

Vermont Maple Sugar Maker’s Association – buy maple syrup or visit a sugar shack for a tour

Proctor Maple Research Center at the University of Vermont – the science of maple syrup

Coombs Family Farms – includes recipes!

Published by Sarah Scully

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