22: Michael Hampton – Master Knitter

Michael Hampton Interview
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Michael Hampton founded his fiber mill around the same time that we got our first sheep, which was a fortuitous coincidence. Over the years he milled several beautiful yarns for us.

Recently, Michael has taken a step back from custom milling to focus on his own projects, including completion of the Master Knitter Program as well as experimenting with color and dyed-in-the-wool yarns. Join us for a captivating discussion about Michael’s work and his love of color and design.

You can find Michael online at Hampton Fiber Mill and Instagram, as well as the annual Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival held every year in September.
Double-knit blanket
Michael’s original knitting patterns are available on Ravelry.

Information about the Master Knitting Program can be found on the Knitting Guild Association website.

Micheal also shared his own hand-dyed take on Lucy¬†Nearby’s¬†double-knit blanket design, and the pattern is the Snowfire DK Blanket.

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