New York Sheep & Wool Festival 2018: Part 1, People

NY Sheep and Wool Part 1
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It was Sarah’s first year at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival (aka, “Rhinebeck”) and there’s lots to share. Join us for the first of two videos featuring the fiber community: other YouTubers, podcasters, makers, and designers.

Update, July 14, 2019: In this video from 2018, I mention Nathan Taylor aka, Sockmatician. Over the past 7 days, Nathan has made public statements and actions, causing harm to his own fans and supporters and to many other people in our knitting community (first online and then in person at a recent fiber festival). We denounce these harmful statements and actions, and will no longer be supporting his works either here or via other means. If you are unaware of these events and would like to understand more, please feel free to contact us.

People mentioned in this episode:

Amber Johns

Eric Lutz of Sticks + Twine

Steven & Andy of Leading Men Fiber Arts and the Dramatic Knits YouTube channel.

Kristy Glass Knits

Gaye Glasspie of GG Made It.

Amy Beth of The Fat Squirrel Speaks.

Caroline of Dunderknit and Knitting Vicariously.

Meg of Megs Favorites and the Wool and Cookies podcast.

Vilasinee Bunnag of Loome Party.

Melissa and Lisa of Espace Tricot, a wonderful yarn shop in Montreal, and the Espace Tricot channel.

Katy of Katrinkles Knitting Jewelry.

Kimlien Paskow of Chasing Acorns and Adventures in Craft.

Look for Rhinebeck 2018, Part 2 next week, with more details about the travel, purchases, plus detours and adventures.

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