Shearing Day 2018: tips for a good fleece harvest

shearing day
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If you keep sheep or other fiber animals, shearing day is a big deal, even on a small farm like ours. In the video I share a few tips for preparing for this important event.

  1. Prepare your shearing area by sweeping up, and make sure your shearer has enough room to work, a well-lit space, as well as access to electricity to plug in their shears.
  2. Line up some help if you can. It’s good to have 3 people to assist, each with their own jobs.
  3. Make sure your sheep are not wet. This may mean locking them in the barn a few days ahead of shearing if rain or snow are forecast.
shearing Annie
Annie gets a haircut

For more information, check out this post I wrote a few years ago: Shearing 101.

If you have your own tips or followup questions about shearing day, please leave us a comment here.

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