Getting started with sheep farming

When we bought our house in 2006, we knew the building was sound, but the land needed improvement. What to do about the ice-slalom of a driveway? How could we plant a vegetable garden if the front yard was full of pine trees that blocked out the sun? The idea of driving a tractor on a steep slope to keep the land clear was pretty intimidating, so we considered getting farm animals to graze the land instead.

Screenshot of Rick and Sarah from video on our first sheep
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Through a chance circumstance, we met the woman who was to become our sheep mentor in 2007. In this episode, Sarah and Rick share details of their experience with their first flock, and provide tips for anyone interested in learning more about raising sheep for a hobby or on a small scale.

If you’re thinking of getting sheep of you own, start by learning about different breeds. Join a breed association or you local sheep & wool association: these organizations are designed to support new shepherds and provide ongoing education for topics such as breeding, lambing, wool and meat production, marketing, and animal health.

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Published by Sarah Scully

Sarah is a librarian as well as an avid knitter and occasional knitwear designer. She also enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking, reading, painting, and writing with fountain pens.