Striped sweater: inspiration and design

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I thought I knew what my next sweater was going to be: a semisolid version of Kate Davies’ owls (because, how could you not want a sweater with owls on it?!). And yes, I do want that sweater and I will eventually knit it. But I got sidetracked into thinking about a striped sweater for Rick.

It started when we were on vacation last month in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In the yarn shop (Rick’s great about always finding one when we travel), I was poking around in a bin. “There’s a cool striped sweater in the other room,” he said. “Maybe you could make one like that will leftover yarn?” And it just so happened I had an odd allotment of yarns at the back of the stash. I must also have been influenced by watching Time Team and seeing Mick’s rainbow sweaters in every episode. So the bug to knit a striped sweater took hold of me, and earlier this month I gave in and started planning.

For my blueprint, I turned back to Barbara Walker’s classic, Knitting from the Top, 1996 (1972), which I had used to knit my very first sweater. Fortunately I still have that garment and because it fits Rick well, I can use it as guide. After a false start with the color choices, this project is under way and I’m hoping to finish it quickly. I’ll post again when it’s finished and blocked.