18: Susan Rockwell, Master of Double Weaving

Susan Rockwell, master weaver
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Before Susan Rockwell perfected her skills at double weaving, she first discovered the craft at a sheep and wool festival, and took to it right away. In fact, she now enjoys teaching weaving to others, as well as taking commissions and creating her own designs.

Join us as we discuss Susan’s love of her craft, and her specialty. Double weaving is a versatile structure which can be used to create layered fabric, as well as intricate designs, double-faced fabrics, and incorporate plenty of applications for color.

Susan also shares with us some of her latest works, including a towel based on a work of modern art, and a complete set of picnic linens. towelIf you are interested in learning to weave, look for workshops or a weaver’s guild in your area.

Find more of Susan’s work as Horizons Looming on Etsy, Instagram or Facebook.

In Vermont, there are a number of resources for weavers, including:

White River Craft Center
Vermont Weavers Guild
Marshfield School of Weaving
Fletcher Farm School for the Arts & Crafts

If you live elsewhere in the US, the Handweavers Guild of America has a list of local guilds.


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