Build your own garden boxes

Over the years our garden has transformed from a traditional flat fenced area to one based on raised garden boxes. Raised bed gardening has many benefits: it’s easier to work at higher than ground level; raised beds are easier to keep weeded; and you can grow more in a smaller space. They’re also a great

Tomato sauce, A Recipe with a Kick

Despite the challenge of our cold climate, I love growing tomatoes, and plant them every summer. And after 10 years, I’m even getting pretty good at cultivating them. Of course, then there’s the question of what to do with all the tomatoes we can’t use immediately, to which I say: Challenge Accepted! This is the

Where do we grow from here? What Do We want to Farm?

With logging, stumping, and grading complete, it’s time to consider how we want to lay out our planting areas for next year. For now, we’ll adjust the soil pH and put down a cover crop to preserve the rich topsoil we have, and consider what we want to grow. Of course, we’ve already done a