Knitting Needle Review, Part 2: Fixed circulars and DPNs

It’s time for Part 2 of my knitting needle review, this time focusing on fixed circulars and double-points (DPNs). Once again, there is no affiliation or sponsorship at play here – all the needles that I use I’ve either purchased myself or received as a gift that was purchased. I like to knit the bulk

Knitting Needle Review, Part 1: Circular interchangeable sets

As I’ve gained practice and experience with knitting, I’ve tried many different tools, and I’m starting to settle on my favorites. In this first of two videos, I wanted to review interchangeable knitting needle sets in particular, and share some observations, complaints, and personal recommendations for the features and brands that I like the best.

Holiday Films: Seasonal classics, and unusual favorites

We don’t always have time to watch as many of these as we’d like, but we love our holiday films. From classic and modern adaptations of A Christmas Carol, to more off-beat selections like About a Boy, there’s something here for every audience. Please share your holiday favorites by leaving a comment below! Filmography A