Sheep to Sweater – Part 4: Suint vat cleaning method

With the holidays behind us and a break in the bad weather I was finally able to get back to the Sheep to Sweater project and the fermented suint vat that I discussed in the last fleece-washing video. Talk about a smelly experience! This method is not recommended unless you have a dedicated washing space

Sheep to Sweater – Part 3: Washing fleece with a pre-rinse

As I read more about fleece preparation, I realize there are many options and variables in the process, particularly in washing or cleaning a fleece. Temperature, time, type of detergent, number of rinses, and other variables can be combined in different ways depending on the type of fleece to be cleaned, how dirty it is,

Sheep to Sweater – Part 1: Skirting Fleece

I’m excited to start a project that I’ve imagined for several years: taking a freshly-shorn fleece from one of our sheep and cleaning it, spinning it into yarn, and knitting a sweater. The first steps are to grow and harvest the wool, and I’ve already made a few blog posts and a video with advice