2: Upper Pass Beer & First Branch Coffee For Local Brews

If you are familiar with Upper Pass Beer Company and products like Cloud Drop and Hip 2 the Hops, you know that Andy Puchalick and Chris Perry enjoy brewing hop-forward, East-coast style IPAs that the Vermont brew scene has made popular. But this brewery and the owners’ approach to all of their projects is so much more than that.

Screenshot of Chris, Andy and Sarah freom the video interview.
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At Upper Pass, Chirs, Andy, and their partners brew a range of beer styles, including saison, brown ale, fruit-infused beers, and milk stout. They’re partnering with other breweries like von Trapp to brew larger batches, and Brocklebank to raise funds and awareness for important community causes. They’re working with fair-trade importers and roasting single-origin coffees. And, in 2018, they’ll be opening a tasting room in South Royalton with both espresso and microbrew on tap.

In our conversation, we discuss these projects, and the central theme that underlies all of them: creating brews that celebrate and further develop the connections between local companies, their communities, and their fans.

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