Off-season fun in Westport, Massachusetts

Westport, Massachusetts
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This weekend, we hopped in the car for a quick getaway to Westport, Massachusetts, for some off-season fun, and to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Westport may seem an unlikely destination for a vacation, but if you like the beach (and especially if you’re fond of seafood) it’s a fun getaway with plenty to see and do.


The public beach in Westport is open year-round and offers great views. Check out Rick’s photos on Instagram @rickscullyvt

The New Bedford Art Museum is small but perfect for some rainy afternoon education.

Rick was right about those concrete lookout towers on Gooseberry Island. They are viewing towers from World War II. We enjoyed the walk around the penninsula.

Food & Drink

The Baker does decadent donuts and a light lunch. Go early, as they seem to sell out of some items quickly.

The Barn Restaurant provides big, tasty American breakfasts with great service.

Canned Heat Craft Beer Company offers refreshing New-England IPAs and specialty ales.

Cork Wine & Tapas Bar had delicious food, good value, and nice ambiance.

dNB Burgers serves up custom-ground patties accompanied by a selection of local beers. The burgers are great, but don’t miss the fried Brussels sprouts!

— Rick’s map of Westport —

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