Beeswax Candles You Can Pour Yourself & Great Gifts

Make beeswax candles
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Sarah’s mother Nancy joins for a discussion of making your own beeswax candles at home. With a few tools and some helpful tips, you can make your own delicious-smelling candles, or give them as gifts.

Beeswax is a byproduct of honey production, and readily available. We suggest finding a local source for beeswax via your independent grocery store or farmer’s market, but you can also order it online. Tea LightsYou can purchase bulk beeswax unfiltered at a lower cost and filter it yourself at home. Or, buy filtered beeswax and skip a production step.


American Beekeeping Federation  – Find a beekeeper near you

Beekeeping Associations by State from The American Bee Journal

Better Bee –  Online seller of candle-making supplies and equipment

Other sources of equipment: Kitchen or restaurant supply shops will have items such as double-boilers; chocolate melting pots or milk steaming pots; heavy heat-resistant glass pouring cups; fine cheese cloth; parchment paper. Look for silicone soap or candy molds for making small bars of filtered beeswax.

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