Glittering Quartz: a new hat and mitt pattern set, celebrating the sparkle and shine of mohair

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Sometimes, a design seems to manifest out of thin air, helped along only by my ability to work with string and sticks to fashion it as quickly as possible. That’s what this latest set of knitting patterns seemed to be as I’ve been creating them this past week.

The Glittering Quartz Hat and Glittering Quartz Mitts are inspired by the latest trend of holding a wool yarn together with a lace weight silk/mohair strand. The shimmering halo of the goat fiber adds beautiful dimension and depth of tone to the fabric, while letting the undulating pattern of the stitches shine through. The result is a cosy and stylish set of accessories that would be perfect to wear with your favorite winter coat.

You can get the patterns now in our Ravelry store, our online shop, and as part of limited-edition kits that will be available at the Bethel Holiday Market 2019. If you’re local to central Vermont please stop by during the first two weekends in December, for this fun handmade shopping experience for all sorts of lovely gifts.

Published by Sarah Scully

Sarah is the owner/operator of Vermont Natural Sheepskins. She is an avid knitter and knitwear designer. She also enjoys cooking and gardening.

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