3: Tammy White, Fiber Farmer at Wing & A Prayer Farm

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Like so many farmers, Tammy White does a lot. She’s a fiber specialist, raising sheep, angora goats, alpaca and other non-fiber animals as well. She’s a teacher and facilitator, opening the farm to workshop participants and taking her classes on the road. She’s a baker, a gardener, a marketer. She’s a collaborator and co-conspirator with the mills and designers who create and create with her yarns.

Join us in a wide-ranging conversation about all these aspects of Tammy’s business, and the ideas and inspiration that keep her going with new projects and possibilities.

In the video, Tammy is wearing the Moody Kerchief shawl designed by Kirsten Kapur. The yarn is Taconic Twist. The same yarn is used in the nettle-dyed Ondawa sweater, designed by Michele Wang. We also discuss The Happiest Hat, designed by Mary Jane Mucklestone and knit with The Happiest Yarn.

Sarah is wearing a hat of her own design, knit in a discontinued Shetland / Mohair yarn. The poncho is also an original design, made with Harrisville DesignsHighland yarn.

Tammy is very active on social media and often posts multiple times per day! If you need a dose of Vermont farm life in your feed, follow her on Instagram or Facebook. For the latest workshops and products, visit the Wing & A Prayer Farm website.

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