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Tasting New York Beers: Standby styles and unusual experiments

Tasting NY Beers

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While on her recent trip to New York for the big sheep and wool festival, Sarah picked up some new-to-us beers to try.

In this video, Rick and Sarah taste three beers from two different breweries and compare notes.

Sarah found the first beer at a restaurant in Kingston, NY called Boitson’s. In addition to a range of local beers they also have a full bar with signature cocktails, and delicious food sourced locally.

Our first taste is Flower Power, American IPA from Ithaca Beer Company in Ithaca, NY

Beers 2 and 3 were: Double Diabla, a Citra dry-hopped DIPA, and Ancient Gruit Ale brewed with herbs from The Beer Diviner, nano-brewery in Petersburgh, NY