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July 27, 2019: Introduction to Natural Dyeing

Learn the fundamentals of dyeing yarn with natural plant materials, from preparing the yarn with mordant, to altering pH and using post-treatments. We’ll forage for dye plants at the farm, and we may use kitchen scraps or purchased extracts to create a range of colors. We’ll also try eco-printing on a sock blank using whole leaves […]

Dyeing Yarn with Jewelweed, Native to North America

Jewelweed is a native North American plant that grows in many climates, usually near wet areas and along river banks. In the video, I share a method for creating beautiful natural tangerine dye using this abundant natural dye source. I first learned about jewelweed as a dye source from a friend and fellow fiber farmer, […]

Getting started with dyeing yarn: lessons learned

When I first started to learn about natural dyeing, I was befuddled by a lot of vague information I found on the internet. Experiments on my own yielded very mixed results. After taking a class with Rebecca Burgess, I understood that there are tried-and-true techniques for getting consistent results. With lessons fresh in our minds, […]

Dyeing it for myself – Always Learning New Things

With no lambs on the ground and a serious case of spring fever in the air, yesterday I took off to Boulder Meadow Farm for a dyeing workshop.  Our host, Lisa, very kindly opened her house to a dozen fiber artists.  The day began with instruction from Melissa Johnson of Green Mountain Spinnery.  After our […]

Overdye Yarn: How to shift shades for a happier result

A couple of weeks ago, I shared an experiment for dyeing yarn with food coloring. The results were interesting, but I decided the yarn didn’t have a cohesive, finished look. So, it’s back to the dye pot this week. Overdyeing can rescue failed dye experiments if you’re careful about which colors to choose. In the […]

Dye yarn with food coloring: a fun and easy fiber experiment

In today’s yarn world, there are thousands of people dyeing yarn at home and achieving wild and interesting (and sometimes, even beautiful) results. Have you ever wanted to try your hand at dyeing your own yarn, but were too intimidated? Or, perhaps you just didn’t want to shell out money for an expensive set of […]

June 29, 2019: Acid Dyes and Surface Techniques

Learn the fundamentals of acid dyeing and create your own color-ways using 4 techniques: kettle dyeing, self striping, painted sock blanks, and speckled yarn. All yarn and dye materials will be provided, and students should bring appropriate clothing and personal safety gear*. Each participant will take home several skeins of finished yarn to use in […]

How to Dye Wool with Fresh Lichen

There are a few species of lichen that grow prolifically in the woods around our house, and I’ve been wanting to use them for a dye for quite a while. After gathering them and preparing a fermented ammonia dye vat last year, my first experiment didn’t turn out as expected. Fortunately, there is another quick […]

How to Dye Wool with Butternut Hulls

A few months ago, our generous neighbor gave me some butternut hulls for dyeing. Butternut are a hardwood tree that were at one time very common across New England. Unfortunately, over-harvesting for the furniture industry has led to their scarcity. It may not be possible to locate a sustainable source of butternut hulls where you […]

Ingredients & Materials

Skincare Products Is locally-sourced truly possible? This is the question we wanted to investigate as we developed our line of Vermont skincare products. We didn’t just want to make the formulas in Vermont, we wanted to source them from Vermont. And that means using ingredients that are available here in a cold, northern climate, namely: […]

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